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It says "about us" but it's really about the customer. We develop a deeper understanding of the customer through inquisitiveness, hard-core analytics and intellectual curiosity. The very core of Science + Soul. Knowing what the customer is doing, feeling, and thinking when interacting with a brand lets us gather insight from all customer touches and channels. This allows us to anticipate buyer behavior and make relevant offers at all stages of the customer's life cycle. We use this knowledge to yield deeper insights that anticipate customers' needs better.


In 1990 Mike Osborn and Jeff Cleary had an idea: “Why don’t we open our own shop?” So they did. They called it Catalyst.

Today they are still independently owned and headquartered in Rochester, NY.

Catalyst is a marketing agency that helps clients develop more profitable customer relationships.

Take a stroll through the building and you’ll find a very capable team of CX specialists, strategists, analysts, problem solvers, thinkers, designers, developers and innovators. Each and every one of them maniacally focused on one thing: our clients’ success. That’s what we do.

We are Catalyst

We believe everything is possible.

That what’s good for the customer is good for the brand and is good for us.

We have no doubt that science plus soul, plus passion, plus curiosity, plus hard work equals a product that is unequaled.

We are slaves to analytics. We are masters of results. We condemn boredom and mediocrity. CRM. ROI. OMG.

We share a passion for perfection and a thirst for better. We’re our toughest critic and our biggest fan. We are inspired by our work and each other. We ask questions. We question the questions. We play hard. We work harder.

We color outside the lines. We think outside the box. We analyze. Optimize. Personalize. Hypothesize. Visualize. Mesmerize. Specialize. We believe in our work, our lives and each other.


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